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      The CHAI Analytics Philosophy

      Changing healthcare using analytical insights

      Our Mission

      Unlocking the value of data to drive data driven decision making in healthcare

      Our Story

      At CHAI Analytics, we believe in the philosophy of data for all, or open data, which enables crowdsourcing of analytics from science, technology and academia to drive truly game changing innovation in healthcare. We call this collaborative innovation.

      We drew our inspiration from industries such as manufacturing and engineering, in which data is openly shared between the worlds of science, technology and academia to drive innovation. We understand the unique challenges that data sharing and privacy pose in the healthcare sector, and are committed to  making this vision a reality.

      Why are we called CHAI Analytics? Simple, we love a cup of Chai and we love analytics.

      Our Vision

      To be the enablers of collaborative innovation in healthcare, by promoting and pioneering advanced analytics, open data solutions

      Our Approach

      At CHAI Analytics, a simple 3 step process, built around collaboration and partnership, is at the heart of everything we do:

      1. To understand the problem behind the problem
      2. To co-design and co-develop the solution
      3. To validate, obtain feedback and improve.

      We continuously strive to improve our products and services through the adoption of robust feedback mechanisms.

      The CHAI Analytics Family

      At CHAI Analytics,  we promote an environment akin to a family unit, where we prioritise a healthy work-life balance and value our staff and their contribution to work that will make a tangible difference within the healthcare sector.

      Meet the Team

      CHAI Analytics brings together experts from the clinical, operational, academic and technology worlds to build partnerships, deliver the best possible service to our customers and drive improvement in healthcare outcomes.

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